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The Entertainment Center Making Waves for Audiophiles

Chicago, IL June 9, 2004—Dr. Anthony Zamora of Cano Publishing Company is excited to announce it has been chosen to handle management, financial and technical support for The Entertainment Center. The Entertainment Center is an online store that offers the lowest prices of home entertainment equipment for audio and videophiles.

Michael Colon of The Entertainment Center is positioning his new business as a service and a storefront. He compares it to Progressive group of insurance which, by calling a representative or going online, offers quotes and compares rates from other companies. Unlike most online stores Mr. Colon anticipates opening up to five locations over the next few years, where there will be a wide selection of the best audio equipment. He explains that some of the high-end, top quality products from RCA, Sony and Samsung require a “brick-and-mortar” store, as opposed to an online setting. He acknowledges online stores can only offer a certain level of purchasing and, for customers with high-end demands, the ability to actually hear and see the product is essential. The price search service, however, will remain web based. Cano Publishing, headquartered in New York but with associates across the United States, is helping Mr. Colon and The Entertainment Center acquire the appropriate financial backing, in addition to management support and training. Cano Publishing’s quickly growing MIS department will administer the web site of The Entertainment Center.

Cano Publishing is a full service firm that assists aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, and small businesses that proclaims itself a multi-cultural, bi-lingual firm that supports English and Spanish speaking clients. Although the site is fairly new, Dr. Zamora anticipates The Entertainment Center to expand at a rapid rate.

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Cano Publishing Company
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