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MMI Entertainment & Rafelson Media launch new reality television series - Against The Odds

December 11 2003--Ever wonder what goes on in the minds of idol-makers? Now you can watch first hand as Hollywood power-producers cherry pick artists and prepare them for what no one could ever expect...

Think Project Greenlight meets K Street, set in the music business. ATO is a behind-the-scenes look into making a superstar and all that no one gets to see… has already agreed to sponsor and offer invaluable resources, including access to Kenneth "Baby Face" Edmonds and David Foster. With a cast of veteran industry artists (i.e. Terri Nunn of BERLIN), and a great list of mogul record producers, managers, agents etc this show will rock your world!

Rafelson Media ("RM"), based in North Hollywood, has an impressive list of credits for producing Records, Films, and Television: Coupled with MMI Entertainment in Australia and Creative People in the UK the series will feature the development of (4) individual artists from different commercial genres from each individual territory to create a smorgasbord of quality television experiences that will be documented in intricate detail to appeal to a broad spectrum audience.

We acquire, develop and produce entertainment for the international market place. Our partners and clients range from the major studios and global brands to individual stars, such as Madonna and Britney Spears. We are currently partnering with UK based CREATIVE PEOPLE MANAGEMENT, founded by Royd Tolkien of the Tolkien family (Lord of the Rings) on our next TV show: Against The Odds, "ATO" follows the personal dreams, disappointments, ambitions, and immense rewards of talented young artists, in search of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In addition, we will feature famous guest artists (i.e. Terri Nunn - lead singer of #1 band, "BERLIN"), who have already made it in the entertainment business. Imagine what a thrill it would be for an unknown singer or actor to spend time with their own idol. This show offers an intimate look into the workplace of idolmakers, who decide which artists will get a chance to become the superstars of tomorrow. We will give the TV audience a behind-the-scenes, "fly on the wall" view of the actual process of evaluating, developing and signing young new talent. Many other signed name artists and major label execs have already agreed to appear on the show.

View the promotional trailer of this exciting new television series slated for production in early 2004 at:

Please note: this is a Quicktime movie demo clip. It is not from the actual show. It simply gives you a sense of what we do every day.

Although Peter Rafelson and Michael A Puskas will be on screen, working closely with the artists, they are only some of the many industry artists, producers and executives who will appear in the program. The audience will finally get a chance to see how this private and ruthless world of the music industry operates. The politics, power and passion that drive life-changing decisions are exposed in a dramatic journey that will capture the hearts, the curiosity, and the international fascination with Hollywood and the deal makers that make dreams a REALITY!

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