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Single Bostonians now have a new way to enjoy live arts and entertainment events, thanks to an innovative service called Two for the Show, which has just launched in Boston.

Two for the Show is North America's first arts & entertainment matchmaker. Through their interactive website at, Bostonians who want to share live arts or entertainment events – but don't have anyone to go with – can meet others who are interested in seeing the same shows. The service is free to join.

“Live arts and entertainment shows – from the smallest alternative theatre to the symphony – are inherently social events,” says company founder and president Ric Mazereeuw. “But nearly half of urban Americans are single, and people generally don’t like going to live shows alone. What’s more, many couples don’t even share the same idea of a good night out.”

In fact, nearly 22 per cent of people don’t attend as many live shows as they’d like because they have no one to go with, according to the National Endowment for the Arts’ 1997 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts.

Launched in Spring 2000, Two for the Show has already helped hundreds of arts-loving Canadians enjoy shows they may have otherwise missed, and has recently launched in several US cities, including Seattle. The site also allows people to share movies, sports and participatory sports.

“While we appeal to singles, we’re more than simply a dating service,” notes Mazereeuw. “Business travelers use Two for the Show to avoid another evening in a bland hotel room, for instance. Or, two women who are looking to share the opera with company a bit more enthusiastic than their husbands can connect and share a show.”

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