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Downtown Entertainment distributed exclusively by IDN and The Alliance Entertainment Corporation

May 23, 2004 -- Get Ready for a Hot Summer. Downtown Entertainment has a slate of hot releases for the summer of 2004

Young Have Not
DJ Warrior Volume 10
Thursty "The Elephant"
and CJ

The newly formed label has its pulse on the streets. Co CEO's John Ferguson and John Patillo have collectively over 30 years in the music business. "It's a great time for independents to make moves" says John Patillo. IDN has given Downtown the opportunity to send good records to retail. Our first release "Judgement Day" by Sly Boogy has sold over 7000 units to date. This independent move has helped Sly Boogy secure a major deal with J Records. There will be more independents moving units so get ready because Downtown is here to stay.

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