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Philly-Wood Entertainment and RichKidz Entertainment Present: The Memorial Day Weekend Meltdown

PHILADELPHIA, PA May 26, 2004 –– If you are wondering what you are going to do for Memorial Day weekend, search no more. Philly-Wood Entertainment and RickKidz Entertainment have collaborated to bring you a weekend full of excitement. The weekend will begin on Friday, May 28, 2004 at Transit Nightclub, located at 600 Spring Garden Street from 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. The night will consist of three components: a movie premiere party for Angell Conwell, one of the stars of the anticipated summer film Soul Plane; DJ Envy’s album release party; and a live performance by Philly’s own Ms. Jade.

The weekend will be continued on Saturday, May 29, 2004 with a MC Battle Brawl at Blue Horizon located at 1314 North Broad Street from 3:00 – 8:00 p.m. This will be the ultimate battle between 30 MC’s from cities across the United States. The MC’s will compete inside a boxing ring according to their weight. Boxer, Joe Frazier and his daughter Jackie Frazier will weigh-in the contestants. The brawl will be hosted by Kim Brown (K.B.), a radio personality in Washington, D.C., and Tray Chaney, from HBO’s The Wire. Celebrity judges include Ms. Jade (rap artist from Philadelphia, PA), Simon Illa (a producer from Warner Bros.), Lady B (well-known radio personality), and Michael Corad (lawyer, talk show host & hip-hop professor at Temple University). There will be three winners of the MC Battle Brawl, light-weight, middle-weight and heavy-weight. They will receive a record demo with Simon Illa, a title belt, interviews with major media personalities and a cash prize.

“The Battle Brawl is a great opportunity for MC’s to test their skills. They have the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience, including Tracy Kinzer, a producer for several BET shows,” said Shawn Banks, CEO/President of Philly-Wood Entertainment.

Philly-Wood Entertainment was founded by Shawn Banks as a pre-production, promotions and management company. The name Philly-Wood is a result of Mr. Banks eventually succeeding from Philadelphia to Hollywood. The company has worked with several artists from various cities, including Busta Rhymes and Philly’s own Rampage.

RichKidz Entertainment is the result of a merger between the CEO of RS Entertainment Richard Snow, the CEO of BumKidz Entertainment Todd Hicks and the partnership of COO David Kennedy. The unification of the two organizations was completed to provide a stronger positioning within the marketplace for management, production, promotions, multi-media and legal services. Presently under the management and/or production of RichKidz Entertainment are seven musical acts, which include the soulful duo Raw Beauty (R&B), Tiffany (the “Diva”), lyrical auditor HYKU, rock/alternative band Kameelah Waheed and Government Cheese, rap sensation Tears, and alternative rap group Roudy Bunch.

Richard Snow stated, “There has been a lot of hard work and dedication incorporated into preparing for the First Annual Memorial Day Weekend. We believe it is the beginning of many exciting events across the country.”

Philly-Wood Entertainment and RichKidz Entertainment are providing a Memorial Day weekend that Philadelphia will not forget. Special guests for the weekend include Tracy Kinzer, producer for BET’s How I’m Living, Access Granted, and many special programs, T-Sweezy, a producer for Sirius Satellite Radio, covering all 50 states, Ryan Gonzalez and Teddy B. from Sneaker Villa, and Don Jacobs, an editor for NBC’s Dateline and the Conan O’Brien Show. Power 99FM is a co-partner of the weekend and they will be giving away 25 tickets on air, so be sure to tune in and listen for you chance to win.

“The Memorial Day Weekend Meltdown will definitely be something to remember, said Shawn Banks.”

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