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ATLANTA, GA, October 22, 2002 – Kirkland Media, LLC.(KM) today announced plans to create a $ 35,000,000 entertainment complex in the Southeast. KM is on a mission to produce and deliver products / services to the entertainment industry by developing a world-class entertainment complex. Our vision is to become a recognized leader in the industry. Secondly, to become the company of choice for entertainment production in the Southeastern United States.

The concept of the Project is to have a “One Stop Shop” venue for entertainment production . The client will record in one of four recording studios, shoot their videos and or films on one of three sound stages, practice their dance routines in the dance studio, sleep at the guest quarters and close by performing at our outdoor theater. Finally, the complex will contain a CD/DVD pressing plant. Therefore, the client can witness the actual production and shipping of their product. In a nut shell we are creating a time share based entertainment media campus.

KM has teamed up with Thacker Operating Company (TOC) and Comprehensive Technical Group (CTG) in order to make this vision a reality. TOC and CTG will conduct a market search over the next month to find a suitable site for this project. Once the entertainment campus is complete it will have an immediate impact on the economy. KM has projected EBITDA earnings at approximately $22.8 million in 2004, and is expected to grow to approximately $71.3 million by 2007.

About Kirkland Media, LLC.
Kirkland Media is a multimedia business headquartered in the State of Georgia, which provides vertically integrated services and products in the entertainment industry.
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About Thacker Operating Company Inc.
TOC,Inc. the successor firm of the Thacker Organization,is a highly experienced firm offering comprehensive Consulting,Construction Management Services and related technical support services to diverse clients.
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About Comprehensive Technical Group
Our goal is to provide you with the Comprehensive Solution; to function as a single responsive supplier who will specify, integrate, sell, install and maintain the finest audio and video equipment. We satisfy demanding clients every day, offering expertise, experience and support-the vital keys to the success of any production facility in today's competitive environment. Comprehensive Solutions from the Comprehensive Technical Group. Please visit our website at for further information on the company.

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